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Smokey Don Duncan,
Master Guide #136

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I prefer a call after you have read the web site. This web site is unlike most others. I actually tell you what, when, where, how, and how much in great detail. IF you send me an e-mail or text asking me to send you more information; I will just refer you to the web site. Once you have read the web site; I will gladly answer any questions. If I have done my job right, you will have few questions. Please keep in mind that during, just before and after an active hunting season, I may be hard, to impossible, to reach. My slow times are October through March, then you should be able to reach me by phone most of the time. This is my booking season.

I talk a hell of a lot faster than I type. If you e-mail me, please include your phone number and a good time for me to contact you. If you don't want your wife or husband to know about your plans just yet, please tell me so I don't leave you a message.

If you want to book a hunt at the last minute for the current season; you need to follow any phone instructions and be prepared to fill out the contract and wire funds to my account. I do not get e-mail in camp; I can not respond to e-mail in camp. I can return a phone call. I do not want to discuss a hunt for next year from camp on a Sat phone or from the village. You can leave a message concerning a hunt for next year but it is best to check in again after the season.

Email Information

You can contact me via email at:

Call me at:

907-457-8318   --  The same phone number and address for 25+ years

Please be sure to tell me what species you are interested in, moose, brown bear, or black bear, etc… what season, how many hunters, guided, outfitted unguided, transported, your skill level, and anything that will help me to understand your experience and desires for a meaningful Alaska hunting experience. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If I don't have your type of hunt, maybe I know someone who does.

Smokey Don Duncan, Master Guide #136, Owner of Alaska Private Guide Service, 299 Alvin St. Fairbanks AK 99712 Google "Smokey Alaska" and you'll find me.

Smokey Don Duncan, Owner, Master Guide #136 and P.H.
299 Alvin St. Fairbanks AK 99712
Landline: 907-457-8318     Verizon Cell: 435-890-8328

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