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Alaska Grizzly Bear and Black Bear Baited Hunts

This is a grizzly and black bear combination hunt offered only between May 1-31. You are allowed 1 grizzly and one black bear.

First we drive over 100 miles out of Fairbanks and launch the 4 wheelers at the trail heads. You must have experience operating a 4 wheeler off road. Trail conditions will be challenging, especially so when we hunt early spring during break up. We have a cabin 8 miles in that we can use, but the trails will probably be so bad that we will camp near the baits we want to hunt. In fact we may have to walk considerable distances just to get there. So you must be able to hike and carry your own gear. The big problem we have is, this is break up and we never know how much snow we will still have left or how early or late it will leave or stick around. We may actually have to use a snowmachine if we have a cold late spring. 2015, was a low snow year with an early warm spring. The first grizzly was filmed April 30th. Typically the baits are being hit by grizzlies by May 10th at the latest. In 2016 the grizzly hit our first bait May 10th. The hunter shot a dandy May 17th at another bait 6 miles away. This area has more black bears than grizzly bears but both can and do get big. We killed our first 8 foot black here years ago. The next night at the same bait, we killed a 7 1/2 foot black bear. We caught several big black bear on camera last year and one picture showed a big grizzly and black bear beginning to square off at the bait. Believe it or not; we have seen good size grizzlies scared off the bait by a big black bear boar. We have killed a Boone and Crocket grizzly in this area on a spring hunt years ago. Now that we can hunt grizzly over bait, this hunt should have a high success rate for grizzly. A big black bear should be no problem. This hunt is only available until May 31st. On this is a hunt, 1 guide for 1 hunter works best and availability is limited. It is possible that late in the season towards the end of May, we may be able to fly you in or out. Wolf season is open as well. Look around the web; I see black bear only hunts priced higher than this hunt is priced. You may want to also look at my black bear page for more information on baited hunts, our success rates and how we generally hunt over bait.

Black Bear and Grizzly Bear Combination Hunt Dates and Prices for 2018

May 1-31 Actual hunt dates are arranged.

1 guide/1 hunter. 7 hunting days/nights. $12,000. No kill fees on grizzly bear or first black bear. Limits: 1 grizzly and 3 black bears. The second and 3rd black bear are charged kill fees of $1,000 each. Wolf kill fee is $300. Price does not include license and tags. We provide transportation from Fairbanks and back to Fairbanks. All you need is your hunting gear and game bags. We are required to salvage the meat whether you want it or not.

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