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Alaska Private Guide Service is owned by Smokey Don Duncan, Master Guide #136. Smokey Don moved to Fairbanks Alaska in 1975 and began hunting and fishing with Alaska’s best guides. After operating his own fishing guide business for several years and working for other hunting guides, Smokey got his registered hunting guide license in 1990. In 1990 APGS was formed by Smokey to incorporate the hunting, fishing and river touring/photography businesses into one. The business has been slowly but steadily growing ever since. Smokey is a working guide. He is in the field with the clients and guides, not sitting back at the lodge. He takes particular concern that each client is put in the right camp based on their desires and abilities. He takes every hunt and every client seriously and works hard to achieve the desired results. He realizes that for some, it is their one and only Alaska big game hunt. It is his goal to make every hunt a success while conducting a legal and ethical guiding service. The money, hunt fee is simply a way for Smokey to afford and have available the various options that increase success, safety and comfort. The real profit is in the enjoyment, excitement, camaraderie and new jokes that come with each year. You may come as a client but you’ll leave with new friends. We tell you the truth, the good and the bad, we want you fully informed. That is why we have a very detailed website. You should not have many, if any questions once you take the time to read our web site. This is on purpose. We want you fully informed. Maybe we fit your desires and maybe we do not. Either way we want you to know what you can expect.

One of the unique aspects about APGS is that most all of the guides are former clients. They paid for their hunts for 2 years and then came back as a packer, helper, and assistant guide. Some have chosen to remain an assistant guide while others have gone on to be a registered guide. The registered guides chose to stay with APGS because they love making dreams come true for their clients. And with APGS, they have the resources and support to accomplish that goal. They aren’t guides for the money, but for everything else that comes with the hunt. They have regular jobs or own their own business. They don’t need the money. They love to hunt and have been doing so all their lives. The average age is 50 and they have been with APGS an average of 10 years or more. Who; that calls himself a true hunter; could say, “no” to being paid to hunt? The APGS operation would not be what it is without all the help these great guides:

Brad Baron Assistant Guide, Brad signed on and worked his way from the ground up. He could get a registered guide license, but why bother. Brad ranges through all the camps for all game. Hard core hunter. Get the camp gear, client and go. Will give you all you can take. Loves to predator call. Good mechanic. Knows all he needs to know.  Has been with us for 10+ years.

Tom Owen, Assistant Guide. Tom came as a client 4 times and twice as a camp helper. He has hunted out of most of the camps in unit 17 and 20. Now he is good to go guiding moose, brown bear and black bear. Excellent boat operator and fisherman.

Frank Myers; Long time assistant guide began working with APGS in 2000. Has hunted all my camps for all game. The guy you want when the moose dies in the water

Retired Guides. Jimmy Davis, Wayne Brewer, Wayne Gregory, David Buck, Bob Migliore, John Henderson, Bruce Robison, Larry Roby and our handler in Koliganek and good friend Larry Lee. Thanks to all these guys that helped make us what we are. -- top

Smokey Don Duncan, Owner, Master Guide #136 and P.H.
299 Alvin St. Fairbanks AK 99712
Landline: 907-457-8318     Verizon Cell: 435-890-8328
Email: apgs@gci.net

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