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Alaska Waterfowl Hunts - Nushagak River and Minto Flats

Minto Flats September 1 - September 30

Unit 20 Minto Flats

Minto Flats is located North East of Fairbanks. It is a well known world class waterfowl hunting area because it is a spring and fall migration staging area and major breeding area. The area encompasses over 800 square miles of lakes, ponds, sloughs and rivers. Waterfowl season opens Sept 1st. We use prop and jet boats to get around. The accommodations are tent camps inside the refuge or cabin located just outside the refuge border. Sometimes we use substantial "spike camps" well inside the refuge to be closer to the action. The area also has some decent northern pike fishing with occasional good numbers of sheefish. We have three options to get you from Fairbanks to the hunting area, highway vehicle to a boat landing and then by boat or we can fly you in. We can operate until the ice starts running hard in October.

The Board of Game has closed the Minto Flats Management Area to moose hunting between August 29- Sept 7th so the waterfowl hunters have it all to themselves.

You can choose the fully guided and catered to or just the outfitted and unguided hunt. Advance reservations are required, typically 1 month.

Prices: Do Not include transportation to camp and back. The 185 float plane typically can haul 2 adults and gear but can haul 3 people and gear if they are light enough. The plane ride is $400 each way..

Fully Guided 1 guide / 2 hunters is $275 each/day, 3 or more persons is $250 each/ day; with a 2 day minimum

Outfitted and Unguided is $210/ person/ day. 2 day minimum, 2 person minimum, boat provided.

You should bring your own hunting gear and weapon, medicines, and alcohol if you desire. We will provide the camp or cabin, food and boat.

Links to Minto Flats State Game Refuge And Management Area Main map

Nushagak River Unit 17 SW Alaska Sept. 1 Oct. 10

PRIME TIME IS SEPT. 16/17 - Oct 10, You can’t beat these prices.

We hunt along the main Nushagak River and Nuyukuk Rivers plus backwater channels, sloughs and ponds using jet boats from the fully equipped K1 main camp and Nuyukuk River cabin. Besides waterfowl you may pursue ruff and spruce grouse, sandhill cranes, and of course you can enjoy world class fishing for free. The rainbow fishing is excellent on the Nushagak River and most years the second run of silvers is just showing up. The moose are in rut allowing for excellent photo opportunities. This is an ideal time to see how many big bull moose survived the hunting season. We are about 80 miles from the coast so there are not many sea ducks available. We will meet you in Koliganek after your direct flight from Anchorage with De'nina Air. $620 round trip. On Sept. 16/17 you may fly in on our chartered plane that is taking out the moose and bear hunters Once in Koliganek we'll take you to camp by boat and you can hunt on the way.

Alaska Waterfowl Hunt Description

We use the jet boats to get from the camp or cabin to where we hunt. The waterfowl hunting is primarily done 2 ways; utilizing blinds and decoys or drifting down the river sneaking along with the trolling motor and shooting from the boat. We set up blinds and decoys along back channels and sloughs. After Sept 17, there are a lot more ducks on the main channels. The most common species include pintail, mallards, shovelers, blue and green wing teal, buffel heads, black duck, widgeons, gadwalls, some canvas back and lots of different kinds of mergansers. Tundra swans may be taken if you pick up a free registration permit. After Sept 17 the geese tend show up along the river. You'll see cranes but they land way out on the tundra and by the time you see them over the river, you'll need an anti aircraft gun to miss properly. Sometimes if the river is high we can get to places along the tundra where you can try to stalk the cranes or the swans on ponds off the river. If the desire strikes, you can walk through the woods and jump spruce and some ruff grouse. Few if any ptarmigan are along the river. but we can find some sometimes along the tundra edges.

You will probably see brown bears, moose, eagles, osprey, river otters, beavers, and maybe a wolf.

Small game license $20. You must have a $5 State and $15 Federal Waterfowl stamp, a Harvest Information Program (HIP) Card and you must use non toxic shot. We can help you get the ammo to camp, just need to know which size. Call for a quote on daily rates or for larger groups.

Allow 7 days to depart home , hunt and return to home. That will be about one day travel each way, leaving 5 days for hunting. You can hunt waterfowl the same day you are airborne. -- top

Waterfowl Hunt Prices - You will not find a better deal anywhere in the area! And the Fishing is free!

Waterfowl Hunt Price
Date Ranges Guides / Hunters Hunting Days Price Per Person
9/17 - 10/1 1 / 1 5 $3,200
9/17 - 10/1 1 / 2 5 $2,200
9/17 - 10/1 1 / 4 5 $1,800

Daily rates are available.  Just take the Price Per hunter and divide by the number of days and add $450. What are you waiting for?

Hunting Camps

The K1 base camp is outfitted with 12'x12' steel frame weather proof tents on wood floors with comfortable cots, thick pads, wood stoves, lights, lanterns, food, a 12’x20’ separate cook tent fully equipped with oven, microwave, freezer, and all necessary cookware. The camp has an enclosed shower, enclosed privy close to your tent. We have a Sat. phone and two way radio communication with other camps and the village. Camp is warm, dry, and comfortable. From K1, we supply the jets boats and supplies for all other river based boating camps. The Nuyukuk Cabin has all mentioned above except it is a cabin with bunks for 7 persons and the kitchen is in the cabin. -- top


We are in GMU 17.B Hunters fly from Anchorage direct to Koliganek where we will meet you. Koliganek is 22 air miles or 31 river miles from camp. From anywhere in the USA to Anchorage is about $500- $750 round trip. From Anchorage to Koliganek is $620 round trip with Dena'ina air. Most hunters will fly to Anchorage and spend the night and then take a morning flight with Dena'ina to Koliganek. We can begin hunting our way to camp immediately. You will hunt 5 full days and then return to Koliganek in the morning for your flight back to Anchorage. Then you can take an evening flight from Anchorage and arrive home around noon. Please note: If you choose to fly from Anchorage to Dillingham and on to Koliganek with Penair; you may sit in Dillingham for 2 days waiting for them to bring your luggage from Anchorage to Dillingham. They are famous for loading the plane with passengers and leaving the luggage behind. And little effort is made to get it on the "next flight". -- top

Waterfowl Hunting Limits

North Zone
Units 11-13, 17-26 Sept 1 - Dec 16
Ducks(1) 10 per day, 30 in possession
Sea Ducks(2) Residents 10 per day, 20/ possession
Non-residents 10 per day, 20 in possession
Dark Geese(6) 4 per day, 8 in possession
White Geese 3 per day, 12 in possession
Brant 2 per day, 6 in possession
Tundra Swans(8) Units 17, 18, 22, and 23 only
Common Snipe 8 per day, 24 in possession
Sandhill Cranes(9) 3 per day, 9 in possession

(1) - Ducks: (bag limits may include no more than 1 canvasback daily, 3 in possession)

(2) - Sea Ducks:(harlequin ducks, long-tailed ducks (formerly oldsquaw), all eiders, scoters and mergansers): Resident hunters may not take more than 6 daily, 12 in possession each of harlequin or long-tailed ducks. Daily sea duck limits for nonresidents are equal to general duck limits for the zone (7, 8 or 10). Nonresidents may not take or possess more than 20 sea ducks per season, including no more than 4 each of harlequin, long-tailed duck, black scoter, surf scoter, white-winged scoter, common eider, or king eider per season. Steller's and spectacled eiders are closed statewide.

(6) - GEESE: Dark geese include any combination of Canada and white-fronted geese. White geese include snow and Ross’ geese. Emperor goose season is closed statewide.

(8) - Tundra Swans: Tundra swan seasons in Units 17, 18, 22, and 23 are Sept. 1 - Oct. 31. Hunting is by registration permit only, with a limit of 3 swans per permit.

(9) - SANDHILL CRANES: In Unit 17 bag limits for sandhill cranes are 2 daily, 6 in possession.

Waterfowl Regulations "Full Booklet". Please review them all before coming to hunt. We are hunting in units 17 and 20. -- top


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