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We provide moose hunts for residents and non-residents in Game Management Units 17 and 20. Both areas have combination hunts with either Brown Bear or Grizzly. You can choose from fully guided, outfitted and unguided and drop off hunts. The moose web pages are divided into resident and non-resident and divided by GMU, so please follow the appropriate links.

NON-residents: Please read this Alaska Moose Hunt page first, then follow this link to the Non-Resident Moose page information. The non-resident moose spots are the first to fill up.

Resident Moose Hunters:  Please see additonal information on the AK Moose Hunting page.

NEWS 2014: Dave Jenson's B&C moose taken Sept. 10 at 30 yards and 100 yards from the boat. Dave Jenson B & C Moose

New 2011: The Board of Game will now allow you to pickup the non-resident moose registration permit in GMU 17 until September 8th. Smokey submitted this proposal and ushered it through the Board of Game process. This will save a lot of time and money for all involved. Now this area has a 2 brown bear limit, so it is now possible to take 1 moose and 2 brown bears on the combination hunt.

New 2015: Part of unit 20 with a very high moose density that has historically been closed to non-resident hunting is now open to a non-resident drawing permit (8 permits). Application deadline is Dec. 15th online. Click here for information and applications.

NEWS: 2008 hunter Jerry Dennis awarded official score from B&C of 221. Jerry Dennis B&C 221 score moose

In 2009 we had 3 moose hunters. The 2 non-residents took a 68-1/2" and a 61 inch moose at 9 and 20 yards while the resident took a 55" moose at 12 yards and closing fast.

In 2010 we saw and called in lots more moose than 2008 and 2009. The 2 biggest we saw are still live and they were real big dandies. We had 4 moose hunters. One left before moose season due to family emergency, one left Sept. 9 for business and could have shot a moose and bear but didnít. The 2 hunters that stayed got 2 moose. The biggest was large with a 59Ē spread.Giorgio Moose 2010 59in spread

2011 Ron Kingston shot this 65" monster Johnston 65" moose 2011. We had 3 known big ones get away. Plus we got a moose in the resident only area.

2012 We got 3 moose, 53", 63" and 68 inches. We had more answers from bulls and cows starting Sept. 8th. 2012 Mark Hedges 68" mooseWe probably should have gotten more than we did. The bulls were answering once or twice and then taking the cows and leaving rather than coming in. The weather was generally rainy and overcast all season. One Moose made the all time B&C book while one made the 3 year book.

See photos of APGS Alaska Moose Hunting on Picasaweb. Just select Slideshow or Indvidual photos for Alaska Moose.

Alaska Private Guide Service has resident and non-resident moose hunts in Game Management Units (GMU) 17 B and 20 B & C. Unit 17 is where we have done all of our moose hunting in the past and it is where all the pictures on this web site come from. Lately, our most popular moose hunt in unit 17 is actually a moose and brown bear combination hunt. Unit 20 B & C is where we have been doing the spring black bear hunts for 20+ years. Recent changes by the Board of Game in GMU 20 have prompted us to go ahead and add fall moose, moose and grizzly combo and spring grizzly and black bear combo hunts.

Game Management Unit 17

In GMU 17 Alaska Moose hunting season is September 5 - 15 (11 days) for Non-resident moose hunting. Moose hunting in our Resident Only areas is August 20 - September 15 with the resident registration permit or Sept 1 - 15 without the registration permit. No drawing permits are required. I sell the hunting license, moose and bear tags. We do have a free non-resident moose registration permit that you pick up in Dillingham at Fish and Game on your way to camp. See the terms of the free registration permit. GMU17 B Non-Resident Hunting Areas, we use jet boats from our base camps on all of these hunts. In GMU 17, non-residents moose hunters must take a moose with a minimum 50" spread OR a moose with four brow tines on one side. Since the season for brown bear hunting began overlapping moose hunting season, most non-resident moose hunters are choosing the moose and brown bear combination hunt. The popularity and price of the moose and combination hunts have resulted in these 2 hunts booking up very fast. More information for Unit 17 Non-Resident Hunting Areas. Youtube video

The resident moose hunters in GMU 17 B have 2 seasons in the fall. The first is a resident registration permit hunt in which you must sign up before August 31 in person, in Dillingham. You can start moose hunting August 20th and may take any size bull. Or, you can hunt the general season from Sept 1-15 without the permit. These hunters must take a spike/fork or 50" spread or three brow tine moose. Resident Hunting Only

All of the GMU 17 moose hunting camps have excellent fishing with the most variety along the main rivers. On any hunt, no fishing is guaranteed; no part of the hunt price is for fishing or guided fishing.

Game Management Unit 20

Alaska Private Guide Service offers Resident and Non-Resident Moose Hunts. The benefits of a GMU 20 moose hunt are the prices are slightly less because the logistics are cheaper. We offer fully guided, outfitted and unguided and simply transported hunts. A portion of GMU 20 B, as one of the highest moose density in the State. This area has a split season with an any size bull early for residents and a spike/fork or 50" late season. Thanks to Smokey and APGS, the area now has 8 non-resident moose drawing permits for 50+ inch moose. The rest of our hunting area in 20 B has an any size bull for residents (Sept.1-20) and non residents (Sept 5-20). The 20 C area has a resident moose hunting season Sept 1-25 for any size bull and non-residents moose season is Sept 1-25 with a 50" minimum spread or 4 brow tine requirement. There is some fishing in unit 20 B & C but mostly just Pike or Sheefish and maybe some Grayling. The moose hunting areas along the river systems has excellent waterfowl hunting beginning Sept.1st. Grizzly and black bear are both open during and after moose season.

NOTE: Resident Moose Hunting and Non-Resident Moose Hunting requirements are so different that we display their content separately. Please select the appropriate link for more information. If you are a resident with a non-resident partner, you need to look at the non-resident pages. You cannot book a trip with 1 hunter guided and the other hunter unguided.

See Alaska Hunting Regulations

Gear List

NOTE: Many hunters are now choosing to mail most of their gear ahead direct to the village or Fairbanks. You can mail rifles and shotguns but no pistols or ammo. This does not mean you can bring twice as much shit. Lately, this has been getting ridiculously out of hand. It has to stop.

  • Waterproof hunting boots
  • Hip Boots
  • Waterproof camouflage outerwear that is quiet when moved (no crinkling)
  • Camp shoes/slippers
  • Towels
  • Personal medication
  • Compass and/or GPS
  • Weapons and 1 box of bullets
  • Waterproof binoculars or scope
  • Game bags, 7-9 for a moose
  • Camera with new batteries and back up batteries
  • Flash light
  • 2 band aids
  • Sunglasses
  • Video cameras that are rechargeable by a 12 volt battery
  • 2 hunting shirts and pants with extra underwear and socks
  • Fishing reels and lures, we have the poles
  • 1 small bottle of pump spray bug dope -- top
  • See our Alaska Hunting and Fishing REFERENCES

    See one of our Alaska Moose Hunt videos.

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