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Welcome to Fairbanks. Alaska Private Guide Service is a year round guide service specializing in outdoor adventures and tours. During the winter we provide snowmobile tours, trips and rides; Fairbanks area ice fishing trips, northern lights viewing or aurora viewing trips by snowmobile, winter camp outs and Ptarmigan and Grouse hunting. During the summer; we provide guided big game hunts, ATV tours on the historic Circle to Fairbanks gold rush trail, guided fishing trips and river tours.

Smokey Don Duncan, owner of Alaska Private Guide Service, is Master Guide #136 and is a licensed professional hunting and fishing guide permitted by the State and landowners and insured. Smokey has lived in Fairbanks since 1975 and has been operating a guide business since 1985. Enjoy the excellence of experience.

These Fairbanks area trips can be provided (weather permitting) on demand, however, a 24 hour notice from you is highly recommended. Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail. Most trips will require a small deposit. Payment for trips is with cash, credit/debit card or prepaid in advance with a personal check. A signed liability waiver is required before the trip begins. A contract may be required for large groups or for longer trips. Refunds are given if trip is cancelled due to weather or safety concerns. We have group discounts. Large ice fishing groups may be eligible for a discount.

The following is a list of Fairbanks area activities by season with a brief description and a link to our other web sites. Generally the trip time (duration) listed does not include travel time to reach the starting point. If you need extra warm weather gear, please ask us if we have your size.

Fairbanks Snowmobile Tours and Trips

Please see our FairbanksSnowmobileTours website for current offerings and prices.

We have local and remote snowmobile tours and rides lasting from 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours+ to overnight trips. You can combine ice fishing and aurora viewing and overnight camping.

Fairbanks Ice Fishing, Fairbanks

Fairbanks Fishing available freeze up to ice break up. Call Mike for the Fairbanks stocked lake trips. 740-605-2276. Please see our Fairbanks Ice fishing page for more current information and prices.  You can also add a snowmobile trip before, during or after the ice fishing.

Non-resident fishing one day fishing license costs $20 Not included. We can sell the license on the spot or you can save fishing time by purchasing the license online at https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/store

Here is a link to the various Fairbank area stocked lakes and ponds detailing what fish species were stocked and when.

Please Note: Some locations allow us to use snowmobiles on the lakes or in the area. Feel free to ask about including some snowmachine riding as well.

Ptarmigan or Grouse Hunting Snowmobile Trips

Ptarmigan hunts in surrounding hills. Includes transportation to starting point, License, snow machine, gas, snow shoes and guide. Please see the snowmobile website FairbanksSnowMobileTours.com.

Northern Lights Viewing

We have several options to choose from. Please see our web site FairbanksSnowMobileTours/Aurora Viewing for all the possibilities.

Fairbanks Summer Adventures

During the "summer" May to October we provide hunting and fishing trips along with local and remote river tours and ATV tours.

ATV Tours

We provide ATV tours on the historic Circle to Fairbanks gold rush trails. You ride your own 4 wheeler. Trips are 4 hours or longer. Group size is limited to 4 persons. We have 2 trail side cabins if you want to stay overnight. www.fairbanksatvtour.com

Alaska Bear Hunts

Spring black bear hunts are in May and June. This hunt has a 99.9 % success rate and has a 3 bear limit. The hunts can be from 1-5 days. apgs.com/Alaska_Black_Bear_Hunting.

Spring Grizzly Hunts

We provide a combination grizzly and black bear hunt in May. apgs.com/Alaska_Grizzly_Bear_Hunting

Fairbanks Fishing Trips

These trips are available from June to August. We fish local lakes and rivers daily and we have remote trips that last a week. apgs.com/Alaska_Fishing and see www.fairbanksflyfishing.com

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