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Alaska Private Guide Service Contracts

General Contract Instructions

Believe it or not, the State of Alaska requires a contract such as this. They do not make it easy for you or me. There are multiple pages to this contract detailing the agreement. Use the Contract Forms to select the appropriate hunt agreement listed below.

To fill out the contract, simply fill in the blanks for the kind of trip you are interested in and the dollar amount listed in the brochures or web pages for that trip. Some trip dates may not be modified and should be entered as advertised while other trips have more open dates for arriving and departing times.

Note the trip times or trip time frames you would like on the form. The pick up point is usually detailed in the brochures and on the web for the particular trip. Several are listed on the contract forms.

Fairbanks based trips the designated pick up is at Fairbanks or a Yukon River village as advertised.

Deposits and Payments

The standard deposit is 50% for a reservation at the time of booking. It is payable with a personal check. When the hunt is the following year; I have made provisions in the contract to allow for 2 deposit payments, 10% and 40%, The initial deposit is due with the contract and a second deposit due on some date for a total deposit of 50%. For spring bear hunts the second deposit is due November 1 and for fall hunts the second deposit is due January 1. It is not in place as such for a counter offer unless you a need a financial waiver for a short period of time. The final payment is due 60 days before the hunt or paid in camp with cash or travelers checks. No bank checks or personal checks are accepted in camp. When paying 60 days before arrival you may pay with a personal check again. When ever possible, pay with a personal check. Banks now put a longer hold on other banks' cashier checks than a personal check! They no longer trust them (other banks or their checks). Personal checks can not be accepted in the field. In field payments for kill fees and small ticket items like game bags or Sat phone time are payable in cash. You may prepay kill fees with your final payment 60 days ahead and I will refund your money if needed at the end of the hunt. When using Travelers checks call your bank to get $500 checks for most of the balance and round out the rest with $100s. Try not to get 50- $20s. If you are sending the payments from a foreign country, the payments need to be wired IN U.S. DOLLARS directly to my account. Contact me for wire routing numbers. You will have to pay a wire fee on your end and I will have to pay a wire route fee on my end. Do not send a Bank Check from any foreign country. The U.S. banks will charge me 4.5% on top of the conversion rate. So, domestic bank checks, cashiers checks, certified bank checks and any Wells Fargo checks are frowned upon and will not be accepted in the field.


The Specific Changes space allows you or APGS to clarify or modify openly any aspect of the contract. The signature page is self explanatory. I do not need your Date of Birth (DOB) or your drivers' license number but they are requested on so many forms that we fill out, it is just easier to give them to me now. For example 30% of the hunters will miss putting their DOB on the license application and all the harvest tickets and sealing certificates ask for both. Also list your home address even if you use a PO Box for the same reasons. The Liability Release form and the Medical Information sheets are self explanatory. The Medical Information will not be released to anyone not involved with your hunt. Medical conditions generally are not grounds for not booking your hunt. The form is used to be sure we are providing you a hunt that you can do and it is used in our hunt planning. Your trip is confirmed in writing with a signed copy of the contract from APGS. Once confirmed you will receive the license or tag applications which you will fill out and return with payment by the date indicated on the contract. When you send the license and tag forms back send me a physical copy, not an e-mail copy, of your flight plans. I will send you an informational letter containing routine and emergency contact persons, gear list, hunting or fishing regulations for your trip, etc.

Booking Trips for the Following Year

I do not particularly like booking trips for next year. Too many things can change. I like to get done with the current year or season first. Then I feel more comfortable setting the price, dates and availability. For example spring brown and black bear hunts, I will generally set prices for the following year in June or July. For fall moose and bear hunts. I will set prices for the following year in late October and November. You can reserve a hunt for the following year with a 10% deposit of the current price and a signed contract. You will then have first right to refuse the price once it is set for the year you are to hunt. The price could be higher or lower. When I set the price, you will be notified. If it is lower, you will automatically be locked in. If the new price is higher, you will have a choice to pay the difference or get a full refund. You will have at least 2 weeks to decide once you are notified. This may sound like a strange policy to you but there is a good reason for it. Changing Fish and Game laws are a minor part, usually. But fuel costs are a major concern. When your gas at home goes up a dollar/gallon; gas in my camp goes up $3-$6/gallon and so does everything else from the price of a can of corn to a loaf of bread. And yes, prices have been reduced from one year to the next year in the past. But this way, I do not have to worry about a fuel price spike so much or for so long. Hunt prices can change at any time.

Most of the time you can fill out (fill in the blanks ) the contract yourself. You can call me if you have questions. Select the desired contract form in pdf. If you can not view the pdf file see the download below or email me for a copy. Also, I will be glad to fill out and send you the contract. Sometimes I will need to send you a customized contract when sufficient changes or modifications are needed. In either of these 2 cases, you just need to sign and return the forms with payment.

Again, the Liability Release Form and the Medical Form need to be sent with the contract.

Contact me if you need help or have questions. 907-457-8318 or
Smokey Don Duncan, Owner, Master Guide #136 and P.H., 299 Alvin St. Fairbanks AK 99712, same address and phone number for 25+ years.

Select the desired contract form in pdf. If you can not view the pdf file see the download below or email me for a copy.

Adobe PDF File
Hunting Contract
(All hunting trips except Grizzly & Black Bear hunts)
Black Bear Contract
Grizzly Bear Contract
Fishing Contract
Photography Contract

Additional Required Forms

These forms are required for all trips!

Adobe PDF File
Medical Release Form
Liability Release Form
Methods and Means Waiver

Each contract or form is in a PDF Print Version for your convenience. Most browsers will display the document and allow printing. If your browser does not allow print use this link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. -- top

Smokey Don Duncan, Owner, Master Guide #136 and P.H.
299 Alvin St. Fairbanks AK 99712
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