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ATTENTION Non-Resident Caribou Hunters

Unit 17, where I hunt, remains closed to non-residents of Alaska and open for residents

Resident Hunters

Resident hunters can hunt caribou in this area from August 1st-March 31st with a limit of 2 caribou. You will need to sign up for the resident registration caribou hunt (RC 503) on Fish and Game's web site. We have a few places to hunt caribou from the river. For the last 3 years we have seen a few good bulls while bear hunting in the area. In 2016 we will be offering caribou hunts to residents only. We will provide guided, outfitted and unguided hunts or simple drop off hunts. These hunts will be offered from August 10-Sept. 30. We will meet you in Koliganek and return you to Koliganek which is on the Nushagak River. Airfare from Anchorage to Koliganek round trip is currently $620. We also have a charter schedule in the fall which we prefer to use when possible. You must be physically fit to do this hunt and be successful. You are not going to shoot them from the boat crossing the river. You will have to hike up the hills and down the ridges. Whether you choose to spike camp it out and stay on the ridges or camp along the river and and hike up daily is your choice. The area has excellent fishing.

2016 Prices

Drop Off Caribou Hunt. Typically 5-7 hunting days. 2 or more persons. $2200.00 each. Price includes picking you and your gear up in Koliganek and returning you,your gear and game to Koliganek. You bring (or mail to Koliganek) what ever you want.

Outfitted and Unguided Caribou Hunt. Typically 5-7 hunting days. 2 or more persons $3100 each. Price includes Cabellas Guide tent, Propane cook stove and lantern with fuel, water, Rollo cots, sleeping pads, tarp, shovel, loppers, VHF handheld radio. You bring (or mail to Koliganek) your own food, Sat phone and other gear you want or need.

Add a 50-60 hp Jet boat and 25 gallons of gas for $3000. The boat allows you to move up and down the river to access different ridges. Simply put; it increases your range. It also make fishing a lot easier.

Guided Caribou Hunt for 6 hunting Days. 1 guide/ 1 hunter $8200. 1 guide/2 hunters - $6000 each. We will provide guide, boat, fuel, food and camp. You need to be physically fit. Your guide will not pack it all.

Prices do not include any hunting or fishing licenses, alcohol, weapons or fishing gear.

Camp moves start at $1000.00.

Call or e-mail Smokey Don to check availability. 907-457-8318,

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