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Non-Resident Alaska Moose Hunting Information

We have 2 moose hunting areas. Game Management Units (GMU) 17 B and GMU 20 B & C (Unit 20 moose hunts are on hold until at least April 1 2016).  We have been hunting moose and brown in unit 17 for 23 years. The moose and brown bear seasons overlap and there is a 2 bear limit. The combination price is irresistible. The combination moose and brown bear price hunt is the same as a bear hunt price except there is a kill fee on the moose and second bear.  Both units 17 and 20 use boats (jet and prop) on river systems to give us mobility, longer range and more areas to hunt.

Unit 17 guided moose hunts are the first to fill up. Hence the moose & brown bear hunts are also filled up first, usually by January. You might as well call this a 60 inch moose hunt because we seldom shoot moose under 60". You can see the quality of moose we have been taking by clicking on the Picasaweb link below. Click on the "Trip Contract /Forms" link on the left hand side bar menu for instructions on booking a trip. 
See info on Unit 17: Alaska Game Management Unit 17B Non-Resident Moose Hunting

Unit 20 has longer moose seasons for non-residents. One small prime area (800 square miles) is now open to a non-resident draw permit. Otherwise we have areas open to any size bulls or 50 inch minimum size bull moose. In our areas around Fairbanks, we have an open (not draw permit) archery hunt Sept. 1-30 and from Nov. 21-27. We also have a drawing permit hunt for antlerless moose hunt open from Sept. 1- Nov. 27 and a drawing permit for antlerless moose hunt using a muzzleloader, Dec. 1- Jan. 31. These are ideal for DIY or semi guided hunts.

See photos of APGS Alaska Moose Hunting on Picasaweb. Just select Slideshow or Individual photos Alaska Moose Hunt videos.

Alaska Game Management Unit 20 Non-Resident Moose Hunting -- On hold until after March 2016

News 2014: Dave Jenson's B & C Moose Dave Jesnson B & C moose

NEWS: 2012 We got 3 moose in unit 17 B. A 53", a 63" and a 68 incher. We got lots of answers from other bulls and cows that we never saw starting Sept. 8. They would answer, then the bulls would try to herd the cows away rather than defend the area. After the season a 70"+ bull came into camp after hearing us snapping firewood and broke and knocked down the antenna pole and began dragging it away, cable, radio and all! Tom went to shut down our other moose camp and a mid 60s inch bull leapt off the bank and charged the boat a quarter of a mile from the camp. Plus there was a big bull, bigger than the 63 incher, a quarter mile from where we killed the 63 and another legal bull close to the 68 incher kill site. The weather sucked. It was windy and rainy and the river was near flood stage most of the season. The good part was the moose that we got were 15 yards from the boat; 30 yards across the gravel bar from the boat and 150 yards across a level and open grassy field. We used the bear cart to pack the moose to the boat! A meat packing frame pack was never put on during moose season. We also shot 8 brown bears. Mark Hedges from Indiana with 68" moose which scored Boone and Crocket 239-1/2" 68" moose, Mark Hedges, Indiana 2012 Mark Hedges cleaned rack  Sara Hebard's 63" moose Sara Hebard 63" moose 2012 Ken Hebard's 53 in moose Ken Hebard's 53" moose 2012

2011 Ron Kingston shot this 65" monster Johnston 65" moose 2011. Ron also shot a good brown bear on the gut pile. We had 3 known big ones get away. Plus we got a moose in the resident only area. Jim Dettling shot a 9 foot bear on the gut pile. Richard Johnston killed an 8'8" brown bear in the same slough.

In 2010 we saw and called in lots more moose than 2008 and 2009. The 2 biggest we saw still live and they were real big dandies. We had 4 moose hunters. One left before moose season due to family emergency, one left Sept. 9 for business and could have shot a moose and bear but didn't. The 2 hunters that stayed got 2 moose. The biggest was large with a 59" spread.Giorgio Moose 2010 59in spread

In 2009 we had 3 moose hunters. The 2 non-residents took a 68-1/2" and a 61 inch moose at 9 and 20 yards while the resident took a 55" moose at 12 yards and closing fast.

2008 hunter Jerry Dennis awarded official score from B&C of 221. Jerry Dennis B&C 221 score moose

Online license application: If you buy your license online; you will need to email me the hunting license number and big game tag numbers. You may still need harvest tickets for moose or black bear. I prefer you get everything from me so I have all the numbers for all the other paperwork we will need filled out.

Link to drawing permit application with a Deadline of Dec. 15th.   ( )

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