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APGS has been guiding anglers in Alaska since 1987. We have several fishing trips to offer with a variety of locations, species, dates, lengths and prices. You can fly fish or spin cast. All trips are very remote, wilderness trips and provide everything but your personal gear. Each trip is detailed below. We have 2 Pike fishing trips. Both trips are in the interior and based out of Fairbanks.

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Yukon River Tributaries Giant Pike

Alaska Trophy Pike and Sheefish

Join the Original Yukon River Pike Master, Smokey Don Duncan, for an Alaska Pike fishing Adventure.

This Alaska Pike fishing trip begins in Fairbanks Alaska and is only offered between July 1-17. This is a trip where your group will operate their own boat and help with all camp chores. It will work best with 2-4 persons. From Fairbanks you will enjoy a scenic morning flight on a commuter airline above the Alaskan wilderness and into a friendly Athabascan village on the Yukon River. You will be met at the runway and given a short tour of the village and a chance to stop at the village store. I'll introduce you to your boat and give you some detailed instructions. When you are ready, you will follow my boat as we take a scenic cruise on the mighty Yukon River to your remote pike fishing camp an hour or so upriver.

The base camp is located on a remote Yukon River tributary. It is here, that you will be introduced to some of the best Trophy Northern Pike Fishing found anywhere. Fly fishermen are welcome. Almost all past anglers have landed fish in excess of 45 inches with the largest measuring 54". These fish weigh in at a whopping 17-30 lbs.! The larger sheefish will come in at 36 inches and weigh 15-20 lbs. Besides great fishing, beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife with excellent photo opportunities; we have 24 hours of daylight, and very little rain, so you can enjoy the pike fishing trip to the fullest extent possible. We fish from the boats, which are 20-24 foot flat bottom river boats running mostly prop motors or maybe an 18 foot jet. The camp is comprised of large tents (stand up inside) with cots and pads, a shower, enclosed sit down privy, chairs, lots of food, satellite phone and a permafrost cooler to keep the drinks cool. The camp is very close to the best fishing holes and you can fish anytime you wish, 24 hours a day. Getting a sun tan is free! For the most part, we practice catch and release and seldom use more than single hook lures or flies. However, I allow you keep one trophy/species for mounting. We keep an injured fish or two for fresh, boneless filet fish fries at night.

Sheefish are the largest member of the whitefish family. A big one in the Yukon river drainage would be 36"-40" and 25 pounds. Sheefish are only found on a few river systems in the world. They travel in schools and when they are there it is great fishing. You can catch them in deep eddy holes right beside big pike; but my favorite time to fish them is when the sheefish schools start hitting the surface at dusk. Then we can get in the drifts and holes and sight cast with excellent results. Sometimes they are abundant and sometimes not.

On departure day we will run back to the village in the morning for your flight back to Fairbanks and you can continue on to your home the same day. -- top

Yukon River and Tributaries Giant Pike and Sheefish Trip Prices

July 2-9 July 9-17 for about 6 1/2 days of fishing.

Price includes your own boat, fuel, camp gear, and most of the food except for the perishables that you bring in.

Yukon River and Tributaries
Fishermen Guide Cost/angler/week Daily rate $400+
1 1 $5,000 $800/day
2 1 $3,200 $515/day
3 - 4 1 $2,600 $420/day
    Call for larger Group prices  

Commuter flights to villiage which runs about $400 per person.

Prices for shorter trips are available. Call with information on group size, arrival date and number of days. A 50% deposit and signed contract is required for a reservation. Contracts and fishing license applications are available on the web site, on the left side - contract - or License link or by mail. -- top

Minto Flats and Tolovana River

You will fly into Fairbanks and then take a 30 minute float plane ride to the Tolovana River and land right in front of camp. We operate prop boats to get from the camp to the fishing areas. The trip is available from May 20-June 30 with advance reservations. This is the cheapest trip because it is less costly to get into and out of camp and therefore lends itself to shorter trip. Even then it is not cost effective for a 1 day trip. The big pike in this area are generally less than 40 inches. Sometimes the sheefish are there, sometimes not. 24 hours of daylight means you can fish whenever and however long. Generally excellent weather. We base out of a lodge but also use temporary tent camps. The tents we utilize here are large free standing tents with heavy duty zippered doors. You can stand up inside them. They have plenty of ventilation to handle the long sunny days. They have rollo cots and thick foam pads and sleeping bags. The separate cook tent has all we need to prepare al of our meals. All you need is your personal gear. We have a freezer at the lodge and a permafrost cooler in camps to keep the drinks cold. The 24 hours of daylight allow us to fish anytime we wish. The weather is generally excellent. Rod and reels can be supplied at additional cost. You bring your own alcohol if desired. We are actively black bear hunting during this time, so there very well may be hunters in the lodge or at camp depending on where they are hunting. -- top

Minto and Tolovana River Pike Trip Prices

Minto Flats and Tolovana River Pike
Guides 1 1 1 1
Anglers 1 2 3 4+
Price Per Person Per Day $325 $250 $220 $200

Price does not include float plane ride to camp. The plane can carry 2-3 passengers depending on their weight and gear. The plane ride in and out costs $400 each way.

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